Monday, September 27, 2010

Rape or be Raped

I recently decided it's time for me to get back into CoD4 since Respawn LAN is coming up and I don't particularly want to get raped as bad as we did last time. This time round I would like us to win at least 3 rounds. My Right-Hand-Man and I have been practicing a bit on Promod, but unfortunately we can't get the rest of our (very small) clan together. One has some shitty laptop that wont play Cod4 at all, and the other is having net issues. Looks like we will be recruiting some friends as fill-in's yet again.

I'm torn between two worlds after playing CoD4 today. Going back to it form MW2 (WHICH IS FUCKING SHIT IMO) I was a little disappointed with how few weapons and perks there are, and how small the maps are. Back in the day when i first started playing MW2 I was amazed at the range and quality. Every generation of game sets the standards higher and higher, but even though CoD4 lacks in variety, I still find the gameplay a million times more satisfying that MW2.

Dear Black Ops which I have pre-ordered. Please don't be as much of a letdown as MW2 was.

Videogame Fanboy.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Pen Hax

This is just amazing.


Well today I'm off to see my Bro. He's not my real brother, but we've know eachother about 6 years or so now - and we've been through a bit together.

Anyway; He wants to buy a huge-ass canvass apparently. He's recently gotten into painting. And he's quite good at it. He did one for me and I quite like it :)

Yes you can see how messy my room was there. Kudos to me for finally cleaning it up after about 5 years! Anyway, I have no idea what he plans on painting on such a large canvass, but i guess he needs help getting it home. Thats where I come in.

I must go shower now and head off, but ill let you know how today turns out if anyhting eventful comes up.


GOD! the grand final today was nailbiting! the saints had the greatest comeback and took the lead in the last 10 minutes but collingwood pulled back to even. i cant believe it was a draw! well, see you all next saturday LOL!